Attraqt partners with Crobox

Attraqt partners with Crobox
Posted by Attraqt | 9 February 2021

Crobox and Attraqt have announced a strategic partnership that enables online retailers to access unique datasets and to deliver AI-powered personalisation across the entire shopper journey. This partnership is part of a continuous improvement program to keep leading retailers at the forefront of innovation in the fields of decision science and AI.


February 9, 2021, Amsterdam

Crobox, an online retail Dynamic Messaging and Product Intelligence solution, and Attraqt, an industry leader in Search, Merchandising, and Personalisation solutions, are teaming up to optimise the product discovery process from initial search through to purchase and beyond.

This strategic partnership is a big step not only in delivering exceptional customer experiences but instilling a data-driven culture in (online) retail. Together, Crobox and Attraqt orchestrate product-driven experiences that ensure shoppers see the products that align with their shopping goals. Fueled by Attraqt’s smart merchandising, search, filtering, and recommendations, Crobox Dynamic Messaging adds an extra layer to these functionalities by showing the right message at the right time to the customer.

“The product and customer focus of both Crobox and Attraqt make this a strong partnership. We are both driven to translate the emotional process of shopping into an online environment by streamlining the customer journey with the right products and messages,” explains Rodger Buyvoets, CEO at Crobox.”

In a market dominated by an obsession with conversion rate optimisation, many retailers lose sight of the emotional side of shopping. Few technology vendors understand the importance of marrying personalisation and consumer psychology to enrich the customer experience in a way that truly delights their shoppers. Attraqt and Crobox employ customer-centric strategies to address this by delivering personalised experiences.

John Raap, Chief Strategy and Partner Officer, Attraqt said: “Predicting how individual shoppers behave is key, and this is where the combination of AI and decision science can make a significant difference in elevating shopper experiences and levels of conversion. By combining the capabilities of Crobox with Attraqt’s AI-powered search, merchandising, recommendations and personalisation solutions, the world’s leading brands and retailers will be able to deliver exceptional shopping experiences whilst exceeding their own commercial goals.”

Many retailers understand the importance of personalisation, but few leverage personalisation with a shared customer and product focus. Crobox and Attraqt understand the importance of product intelligence for retail analytics. Their complementary technologies provide retailers access to valuable datasets, serving brands behavioural insights they can reuse to curate delightful customer experiences across multiple channels.


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About Attraqt

Attraqt powers exceptional shopping experiences for over 300 of the world’s leading brands, manufacturers and retailers. Attraqt provides a set of API-enabled, algorithm-driven, intelligent SaaS services covering personalisation, search, navigation, merchandising, recommendations and internationalisation.

The Attraqt platform orchestrates AI models in real-time while allowing clients to integrate their own algorithms. This helps build true personalisation strategies and creates differentiated experiences at scale, so our customers can exceed the expectations of today’s shopper, while reaching commercial goals.

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About Crobox

Crobox tells retailers what their customers love about their products. By leveraging consumer psychology and AI, their Dynamic Messages personalise the way shoppers interact with products. Retailers gain valuable datasets that clearly show which product attributes their customers look for in their assortment so they can apply the insights omnichannel.

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