Attraqt Customer Awards 2021 Winners Announced

Attraqt Customer Awards 2021 Winners Announced
Posted by Attraqt | 21 May 2021

Hot off the press…we’re thrilled to announce the winners of our Attraqt Customer Awards at the Attraqt. 2021 Customer Conference this week. La Redoute, Maisons du Monde, Breuninger, Waitrose, Cdiscount, Adidas and PVH Corp. scoop up the prizes.

This year we had six Awards up for grabs to reflect the ground-breaking work that Attraqt customers have produced as part of their ongoing efforts to create exceptional ecommerce shopping experiences using Attraqt’s technology

The six winners stood out for their ability to drive outstanding value to both their customers and their overall retail results. An additional award was also created to reward a customer who had embraced the challenges 2020 threw at them, turning it into an opportunity and working with Attraqt’s technology to drive efficiency improvements, create the best customer experiences and hit challenging growth targets.

And the winners are….

Innovator of the year award

Nominees: La Redoute, Adidas, Superdry

Winner: La Redoute

This award is designed to reward a customer who has successfully been using Attraqt technology to deliver exceptional shopping experiences to their customers, whilst also improving team efficiency and agility.

La Redoute was awarded the prize for embracing and understanding the benefits of successful personalisation and merchandising going over and beyond to test and try out new ways to improve the shopper experience. They are also a customer known to embrace innovation, eager to take part of Attraqt beta programs and growing with Attraqt.

Shopper Journey Orchestration Award

Nominees: Norauto, Breuninger, Feel Unique

Winner: Breuninger

This award celebrates a customer who understands what their shoppers are looking for at each step of the customer journey and have successfully made use of Attraqt’s technology to appropriately react to these sophisticated customer needs.

Breuninger received the award as they are committed to creating a great digital experience for their shoppers early on. They have been taking it to new levels with an incredibly talented and experienced ecommerce team, who have successfully made use of Attraqt to learn what customers are seeking and adapting their onsite experience to cater to those needs.

Personalisation Award

Nominees: Lulli sur la Toile, The Kooples and Cdiscount

Winner: Cdiscount

This award celebrates a customer who has been able to demonstrate how they have used personalisation to create highly relevant experiences for each moment on the shopper journey.

Cdiscount has demonstrated smart usage of manual merchandising rules and AI capabilities of Attraqt in order to create relevant experiences for each moment on the shopper journey. In addition, they are currently testing new strategies with Attraqt in order to develop personalised post-purchase experiences and improve customer lifetime value.

Data Science & Analytics Award

Nominees: Waitrose, Maisons du Monde, Cdiscount

Winner: Maisons du Monde

This award recognises the smart use of data from the Attraqt technology, showing how an intelligent application of data and analytics has driven great results for their teams and customers.

Maisons du Monde follow best-in-class guidelines on their strategies and take great care to analyse every new use case internally before testing it live. They have powerful analytics capability, achieved by connecting Attraqt data to their own analytics tool, which gives them the ability to see how Attraqt is really contributing to their success.

Search Optimisaton Award

Nominees: Waitrose, Selfridges, Kurt Geiger

Winner: Waitrose

This award was designed to recognise a customer who has been able to successfully deliver accurate and relevant results to the shopper; effectively optimizing zero & low confidence search results and further optimizing those results to boost and promote key products and brands.

Waitrose had dedicated a lot of time to improving their on-site search experience alongside Attraqt. They have developed a deep knowledge of the Attraqt search logic & analysers. The entire search experience, including UX, has been reviewed and improved in collaboration. At the same time, the introduction of AI search has had a hugely successful impact on their long-tail searches.

Merchandising Award

Nominees: PVH Corp, Arc’teryx, Beauty Bay

Winner: PVH Corp.

The winning customer will have been successfully using merchandising to increase agility, automate tasks and empower onsite merchandisers to focus on strategy and creativity.

PVH’s teams have demonstrated to us what real passion for the job means and how that can be translated into success for the best outcomes for their customers AND the business. The PVH merchandising team (Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger) have been very active with smart and efficient business rules creation and global strategy optimisation – key drivers for their online growth.

Growth Company of the Year Award

Winner: Adidas

A special recognition award was also created to recognise Adidas designed to reward them for the robustness, scalability and flexibility of Attraqt technology to drive efficiency improvements, create the best customer experiences and in the end hit incredibly challenging growth targets on a truly global scale.

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