Annual Customer Conference 2019

Annual Customer Conference 2019
Posted by Attraqt | 8 February 2022

Date: Thursday 9th May 2019

Location: Bankside Hotel, London SE1 9JU

Attraqt’s Customer Conference 2019

It was a great pleasure to host over 200 of our customers at the Attraqt Annual Customer Conference in May. The action-packed day was full to the brim with a diverse selection of workshops and best-practice talks designed to help each and every one of our customers make the most of the Fredhopper Discovery Platform.

Knowledge sharing sessions and keynote talks from some of our industry partners and experts also helped to prepare customers for the future challenges and trends emerging in the retail space. Discover highlights of the day below.


Attraqt Events – Our Customer Conference 2019

Customer Conference 2019 Attraqt’s 2019 Customer Conference was an action-packed day full of best-practice talks and insights, featuring over 200 customers from our community of leading retailers.

The Highlights

FYAYC: Innovation Lab

Walter Hottinga, the CEO of FYAYC, one of Attraqt’s partners presented some of the latest Augmented Reality technology from their innovation lab, which is set to redefine the way that customers engage with onsite products. Walter demonstrated how this technology is able to help consumers visualise products in their own real-world environments. The technology allows shoppers to see products ‘in situ,’ – for example, allowing them to try on a pair of trainers digitally, or seeing what a new sofa would look like in their living room before they decide to purchase. Find out more about this futuristic solution at FYAYC.



We Are Crank: How marketers and merchandisers can work together

Ben Salmon, Co-Founder of Attraqt partner ‘We are Crank’ explored how analysis of behavioural customer data can inform the onsite merchandising process. He looked at how marketers and merchandisers can help each other by determining valuable insights from available customer data in order to craft merchandising strategies that are tailored to these data trends.

Customer Knowledge Sharing Sessions: Hotter Shoes and Forever New

Representatives from Attraqt customers Hotter Shoes and Forever New shared how they have optimised their onsite customer experiences using solutions from Attraqt’s Fredhopper Discovery Platform. Rob Watson, the Head of Ecommerce at Hotter Shoes explained how to drive improvements to conversions using smart visual merchandising strategies, while Rachel Tigel, Senior Ecommerce Manager at Forever New revealed how Attraqt’s visual recommendations solution has driven significant uplifts to AOV and conversions. Find out more about Forever New’s journey with Attraqt in our dedicated case study. Additionally, contact our XO team to find out more about driving improvements to conversions through visual merchandising strategies.



Knowledge Sharing Workshops: the Attraqt Team

Our CTO Peter Thomas kicked off the afternoon sessions by presenting industry technology trends poised to transform ecommerce, while talking through key highlights from Attraqt’s technology roadmap. We also held 4 workshop sessions to help customers utilise the Fredhopper Discovery Platform to the best of their ability, from A/B testing in our platform to utilising data and APIs, and adopting best-practice merchandising techniques.



Early Birds: AI & Data Science in Retail

Nicolas Mathon, the Co-founder of Attraqt’s new personalisation solution Early Birds then discussed how best to apply AI in the retail space. He outlined how artificial intelligence can act as a key catalyst to empower Data Science teams in retail, while giving brands the ability to use data insights and automation effectively to personalise the onsite customer experience. For further details on how Attraqt and Early Birds can help you use AI effectively, both now and in the future to enhance your ecommerce shopping experiences, click here.




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