A message to customers – signing out of 2020

A message to customers – signing out of 2020
Posted by Attraqt | 21 December 0202
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Mark Adams

Chief Executive Officer, Attraqt

It’s going to be hard to top the year I became a Chief Executive in the midst of a global pandemic and lockdown. For each one of you it has to have been a rollercoaster both professionally and personally. I hope you’ve also found yourself in a position to believe, like I do, that whilst there have been difficult times there have also been moments to be grateful for. The greatest lesson personally for me was that we should never take anything for granted.

Despite all our personal and professional challenges this year it’s impossible to downplay the pride I feel in how team Attraqt has navigated through this period. When I joined in June, we found ourselves in the very fortunate position to not have had to mandate furloughs or redundancies for our staff. I know, unfortunately, some of you had to take that painful decision to protect your businesses and for many of you further lockdowns and more disruption is heaping yet more pressure on your people and your business. We’ve steadfastly and discreetly supported loyal customers through this rocky period, as much as it was possible for us to do without compromising our own business. Our partnership with you all is a long game, and this is the ethos that drives us. We want to be integral to your success story, and you to ours. We have been expanding the breadth of our relationship with many of you this year through bringing new products and capabilities to market which will help you grow your digital businesses. I truly hope together we can weather this storm and ultimately whilst we may be changed we remain positive, fitter and better equipped for the future.

The Attraqt business has shown resilience this year with growth being driven through our customers rapid digital expansion. We have invested in our technical, product and engineering teams, to support our innovation path. We acquired an AI Search engine and other AI assets in October that we will be steadily rolling out next year, embedding AI into the core of our ecommerce search engine. This year we’ve also bedded in our 2019 Experience Orchestrator (XO) personalisation platform acquisition – with some clients now simultaneously experiencing the value of both our platforms.

We’ve welcomed over a dozen new technology and system integration partners who don’t just bring an expanded joint technology offering, but also their expertise. Growth has also come our way through the acquisition of new logos as we welcomed over 20 more brands to the Attraqt community. This has paved the way for additional investment into Attraqt in October via a funding round, on the back of huge confidence in ecommerce acceleration, and in Attraqt being able to deliver the innovation path, agility and expertise to support it. I couldn’t be prouder and more grateful to be part of this and the team behind it.

Should I risk making predictions for a very uncertain 2021? I’ll step back from political speculation, as Brexit looms. But I know speaking with many of you that while digital acceleration is at the top of your priority list, so is caution around the return you can achieve on your technology investments. I understand this caution and so we have put in place a roadmap which addresses the speed with which our products can be rolled out. Whether that is self-service functionality for onboarding, more support, training and documentation or embedding our new products into existing ones, a key strategic initiative is for our customers to benefit more quickly from our innovation.

In an unpredictable market, we need to remain responsive and agile together to anticipate not only market fragility or opportunity but also the deep societal changes in consumer behaviour, and expectations for what retail experiences need to offer.

You can rely on Attraqt to help you navigate this path and to invest in our ability to do so faster than ever before. We are also investing in our people enabling education and development whilst bringing in the best talent we can find.

On a personal level, I hope I can spend more time getting to know you next year – away from a screen when travel is permitted again. Till then, I hope you find some time to switch off and spend this holiday season with those you care for, and about.

Best Wishes

Mark ­Adams

CEO, Attraqt

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