Testing and Analytics

Control and optimise your on-site experience from a single console


Eye-opening data analysis and rapid, intuitive testing facilities to substantially enhance shopper experience and grow revenues. Don’t just rely on instinct. Data doesn’t lie, leverage it to the hilt with our platform.


Test and Optimise

Easily conduct A/B/n tests across product recommendations, merchandising rules, product listing page (PLP) rankings. You want to prove which strategy works best for each audience, so merchandisers can learn and leverage products and content effectively.

User-friendly data visualisation

Our analytics interface is built for non-technical users and offers insightful data visualisations. The aim is to quickly and easily recognise trends and improve your strategies, so that you can capitalise on opportunities and maximise business impact.

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We don’t like black-boxes, our interface is transparent

Easily preview and verify personalisation algorithms and merchandising rules through our Chrome extension, so that you remain in full control of the brand experience.

The results speak for themselves. Our customers have seen substantial gains from using our A/B testing tool:

  • 18% year-on-year increase in click-through rates
  • 20% uplift in click-through rates on category pages

“We are such a small team, so being able to use Attraqt’s technology to automate our site has been invaluable. I can just test and implement the strategies, leave them running and go back to it as and when I need to and then easily identify and implement the successful ones across the site. Not only are we now able to justify why we have a certain sort order on a page, but we also feel reassured that it is statistically proven to work and drives sales across the site.”

Alice Waldeck Senior Online Trading Executive, OKA

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