AI-Powered Search for Ecommerce

Grow your business with best-in-class intelligent search.


If you use the search box you are 5x more likely to convert and spend 3x as much as those who don’t. Yet 25% of search results are irrelevant. This means that shoppers cannot find the products they want, or the information they need. This results in a poor experience and lost sales.

Increase in conversion rate for affected searches

50 %

Increase in product detail page (PDP) click rates

61 %

Decrease in refined and rephrased searches

13 %

Increase in commercial value for long-tail searches

37 %

Projected additional annual revenue

£ 50 million

Relevancy is now the primary currency for brands. That’s why you need a product discovery platform that provides relevant content experiences every time.

By delivering fast and highly relevant intelligent search results you compel shoppers to buy. You can also now capitalise on every commercial opportunity by eradicating zero search results, offering relevant substitutes to out-of-stock products and automatically correcting errors.

Our AI-powered search predicts intent by matching real-time onsite behaviour with shopper traits and the product catalogue. We leverage advanced, self-learning artificial intelligence and machine learning models, to drive relevance, increase average order value (AOV) and customer engagement.

We make all search queries work for you


Correct spellings and eliminate errors

Don’t let an unintentional shopper mistake affect the brand experience. Automatically correct spelling errors, plurals and special characters.


Absorb stop words

Don’t get tripped up by articles, pronouns and prepositions in search queries. Our AI-powered search handles stop words with ease to increase the relevance of your results.


Cope with synonyms

Provide a better shopper experience by enabling visitors to search in their own words. Easily create equivalences between two or more search terms with our user-friendly console.


Offer up redirects

Provide a more fluid and relevant experience by redirecting shoppers to relevant pages, such as updated product pages, similar product pages or landing pages.


Align search and merchandising

Fine tune your search results so they’re aligned with your business strategies, driving conversions and revenue. Easily set up and configure sorting rules to feature products in search results that deliver the best inventory turnover based on sales rank, popularity and stocking rates.


Speak your shopper’s language

Our standard search solution comes in 35+ languages. This ensures fast and accurate search localisation and helps you effortlessly grow your business in multiple markets.

Advanced AI-powered search: Achieve higher conversions using our state-of-the-art, self-optimising search solution.

We pre-train our algorithms

No in-house data scientists? No problem! We’ve done the groundwork for you already! Our algorithms come pre-trained, and they are easy to set up and manage through our dedicated console.

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Our tool learns by itself

Spend less time setting up and optimising rules, and more time trading and getting to know your customers. Our self-learning algorithms constantly optimise themselves based on customer information, search queries, real-time shopper behaviour and site interactions.

We process natural language

The human language is complex, diverse and nuanced. Shoppers expect relevant results regardless of the language and specific search terms used. Our out-of-the-box natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning capabilities enable you to understand even the most complex queries and match intent with relevant results.

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Fix zero-result searches

15% of search queries produce zero results. Yet each search represents an opportunity to offer something meaningful to shoppers. Our AI-powered search eliminates 97% of zero-result searches, ensuring your shoppers won’t be left without results. It means customers benefit from an average increase of over 60% in product detail page click rates.

Nudge shoppers with Auto-Suggest

Guide shoppers with suggested search terms, products and content when they input as little as two characters. Help them further refine their search through filters.

Shoppers don’t forget brands who educate and inspire them 

Engage, educate and inspire shoppers by offering up, not just the most relevant products, but also related content including blogs, guides, FAQs, images and videos. We will help you create the optimal brand experience.

“Attraqt has been a trusted partner of ours for many years, so when the opportunity arose to implement their new AI-powered search technology, we couldn’t pass it up. We were particularly impressed by how quick and simple the implementation of the technology was and how well it worked with our existing data feeds. We started seeing significant improvements in affected searches pretty much straight away, and the results achieved over just a few weeks of the algorithms running speak for themselves.”

Leanne Clancy IT Director, PrettyLittleThing
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Pretty Little Thing

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