Advanced AI fit for an omnichannel world

Minimise manual work by embracing the full power of AI to boost revenue


Access enterprise-grade features, regardless of your size! Our dedicated tools and automation services save on manual processes, driving an average of 60% improvement in operational efficiency.

No black-box approach

We don’t expect you to trust our AI blindly! Our platform enables you to determine exactly how and when machine learning and algorithms are applied so you can understand the ‘why’.

Empower your team to succeed

Let AI do the heavy lifting and free up your merchandisers to focus on value-added tasks. Optimise experiences instead of doing repetitive tasks that can be automated.

Self-learning AI

With every interaction, our AI learns what products your shoppers want and are most likely to buy, increasing the relevancy of search results and on-site personalisation over time.

Cold-start strategies

We offer cold-start strategies. You don’t have to wait for sufficient on-site data to train our cutting-edge AI. You can kick off from day one.

No-cookie strategies and use cases

Don’t let new cookie policies limit your growth. We provide a wide range of strategies and use cases to enable cookieless personalisation.

Customers have seen a remarkable uplift from using our AI product suite:

Customers have seen a remarkable uplift from using our AI product suite:

  • 61% increase in product detail page (PDP) click rate
  • 76% higher ‘add to basket’ rate
  • 50% increase in conversion rate for affected searches
  • 7% increase in conversion for all searches
  • 37% increase in commercial value 
  • 15% increase in global revenue
  • £50M projected additional annual revenue


Superdry is focusing on a digital transformation, and a key part of that journey is leveraging customer insights and the use of machine learning, as well as artificial intelligence to engage our customers on a more personal level. Attraqt’s AI product suite is giving us a head start on that initiative.

Pete Davies, Digital CTO, Superdry

Attraqt acquires AI IP assets from Aleph-One


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