Our Partners

Collaboration for cutting-edge change

ATTRAQT is a software platform that serves to empower eCommerce. As part of this goal, we collaborate with other well-known brands within the eCommerce space to make industry-standard tools and systems work at their absolute best.

We have officially integrated with a range of eCommerce partners such as IBM, Magento and Salesforce to incorporate our services into their market-leading systems, making it easy for retailers to manage ATTRAQT functions and services within these comprehensive and popular platforms.

We also work with technology, analytics and integration partners to ensure that our own products are supported by best-in-class capabilities. Discover more details about these exciting partnerships by visiting our partner websites or exploring our news and resources page.

Why become a partner?

If your business covers a specialist function in online retailing, then there's an opportunity to join us as an official partner. You'd join a prestigious network of leading names from online retail technology. In addition to promoting your service on our websites and to our own clients, we can provide an added value service to your retail offering. Our technology can enhance the functionality of any retail platform and is proven to boost online sales which can give you an edge in many new business pitches.

Want to become an ATTRAQT partner?