Visual Recommendations:

The Future of Online Retailing

Attraqt discusses why Visual Recommendations and image recognition technologies will have such a big impact on customer engagement in the future.

90% of information transmitted to the human brain is visual, and when it comes to making an online purchase, images are the most influential factor according to 93% of us. This is perhaps no surprise when we reflect on today’s visually-driven digital economy, where JPEGS, emojis and videos have rapidly replaced text as our main mediums of online communication.

Given this image-obsessed economy, ecommerce retailers are looking for new ways to engage image-focused shoppers, and the market has rapidly responded, with big-name giants like Amazon, Google and Pinterest rolling out image recognition technologies like visual search at an accelerated rate.

So much so that the image recognition market is expected to grow to the value of $25.65 billion by the end of this year. But how can online retailers take advantage of this budding technology trend? The answer lies in implementing visual recommendation solutions to enable image-focused shoppers to discover products efficiently and smoothly using the art of the image alone.

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