Top Five Tips to Maximise Voice Search

In a feature for Internet Retailing, Attraqt's Chief Strategy & Partner Office John Raap details his top tips for maximising voice search opportunities.

If you’re an ecommerce business, you are no doubt already palpably aware of the growing interest in voice search. With the number of voice assistant enabled devices in 2018 exploding to more than 30,000 different products in consumer electronics, not a day seems to go by without a new statistic highlighting the opportunities it presents – with the most quoted so far being Comscore’s prediction that by 2020, voice searches will make up at least 50%of total web searches.

Our own internal research of over 30m onsite search queries across desktop and mobile sites from our customers (including many of the UK’s best-known retailers) reveals that while voice searches haven’t quite yet reached Comscore’s much-discussed popularity levels, shoppers are increasingly using their voices to find products in their online shopping processes. This trend is pushing many retailers to look much more closely at how relevant products are surfaced to voice searchers in their onsite shopping experiences. The solution to getting this process right so that it drives customer conversions and engagement lies in optimisation and personalisation; optimising your onsite search experience for voice recognition while personalising voice search results based on the right data insights and customer intent.

Here are my top five tips for making this process happen:

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