The Modern-Day Problem of Choice

In a comments feature for Enterprise Times, Katie Woodhead, Attraqt's Head of Experience Consulting explains how retailers can apply smart strategies to help shoppers deal with information overload in the online shopping space.

Let’s be honest, contemporary shoppers have it all these days when it comes to the art of shopping. Technological innovations in the digital age have given people limitless power to shop in an eclectic range of multi-channel ways. This can be across any connected device or medium, from an influencer’s Instagram page to an in-store iPad or their mobile phone.

In this cutting-edge but increasingly confusing environment, new technologies arise just as quickly as the trending products, which come and go as fast as the latest social media hashtag or trending must-have look. This makes it increasingly hard for visual merchandisers to keep up. If they want to do so in a proactive way, then they must innovate in order to keep shoppers engaged with the right products on the right devices at the right time.

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