Retail Technology: Attraqt & Find Me A Gift


In A1 Retail Magazine's February round-up, the 'Find Me A Gift' team discuss how Attraqt's technology has been key to driving a more personalized and engaging experience for their customers.


With over 5,000 products on the site, and in excess of six million visitors per year, Find Me A Gift is a growing online site in the UK. The company have been upgrading their online merchandising in order to delight shoppers, showcasing products based on the customer’s preferences on their searches. The business knows just how important it is to provide a stellar consumer experience that is as tailored to visitor preferences as possible.

Learn how Attraqt has helped to enhance this consumer experience in a latest feature for A1 Retail Magazine.

Continue reading the full story via A1 Retail: Retail Technology; Attraqt & Find Me A Gift


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