Preparing for Peak 2019 using data and discounting

Katie Woodhead, Attraqt's Head of Experience Optimisation explains how retailers can prepare for the busy peak trade period using data insights & strategic discounting.

The peak trade season is with us and retailers have been prepping for both the opportunities it brings and the challenges it can pose. Despite the continued 18.1% year-on-year growth in online versus offline sales this year, the UK’s political and economic forces have contributed to relatively flat sales figures overall, placing extra pressure on ecommerce brands to maximise sales during peak in particular. Doing so requires both a pro-active anticipation of current market influences, as well as a tactical strategy to deal with these in a way that boosts customer engagement.

With this in mind, here are predictions on the key influences that are likely to affect peak trade this year, as well as advice on sound strategies to make the most of these.

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