How to Avoid Getting Left Behind in the Personalisation Arms Race

Attraqt's Jon Stephens, the Director of Customer Experience explains how retailers should build out their own experimental and data-driven culture in order to keep up with the ecommerce personalisation arms race.

The internet is abound with stats about the value of personalised customer experiences: everything from customers paying more, to increased referrals and improved loyalty.

Amazon, Google and Facebook are increasingly using their vast data sources to personalise ecommerce experiences (think Instagram Commerce) and new retail business models are also emerging that use personalisation as their main differentiator. For example, China’s ecommerce company Pinduoduo allows customers to club together to tell manufacturers what they want (often cutting out retailers all together) and online retailer Stitch Fix now uses over 4,000 personal ‘stylists’ to create digital personal shopping experiences for each of its almost 3 million customers.

Personalisation is rightly a hot topic. But how can retailers avoid being left??

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