Is Voice Technology Set To Become A Core Purchasing Tool?

Attraqt's Chief Strategy and Partner Office John Raap takes a closer look at optimising the customer journey for voice technology.


In August 2018, it was reported by The Information that only 2% of Alexa owners have ever used the voice-controlled devices for shopping. On the ecommerce side of things, this horse isn’t just flagging halfway around the racecourse; it’s barely made it out of the starting gate.

Yet that’s not to say the technology hasn’t been a success; more than 50 million Alexa-enabled devices have been sold to date. In thousands of households, Alexa devices are resting on counters and coffee tables, playing morning playlists and reporting the weather. It’s not a case of tumbleweeds: ecommerce-enabled voice technology is ready and waiting to be used in kitchens and lounges across the globe. It’s just not being used.

So, why not? What is it about voice search that isn’t quite sticking with customers? Will there ever be a time when purchasing with your voice is the norm? And what can retailers do to encourage this commerce channel? Attraqt's Chief Strategy and Partner Officer John Raap joins other industry specialists to share their thoughts. John explains why optimising the customer journey for voice technology is key to unleashing its potential.

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