Is this the end of the High Street?

In a comments feature for IMRG, our Head of Experience Optimisation Katie Woodhead smashes the myths about 'the end of high street shopping.' She explains how digital innovation and data insights are key to its future prosperity.

If you’re an active news-reader, or even just a headline-glancer, you probably haven’t escaped the rather morbid retail topic which has been doing the rounds for the last year or so: the ‘death of the high street’.

It’s been a bit of a catch-all snare; a conduit whereby fingers can be pointed accusingly at all manner of likely culprits in the slow-but-steady downturn in high street footfall. There’s never really been a question on whether the morphing nature of the high street is, in fact, a death at all: the notion has (at least in the mainstream) simply been accepted.

However, delve a little into the fact of the matter, and an entirely new story presents itself: one not concerning the death of the high street, but rather the evolution of the high street in response to the digital age.

Continue reading the full story via IMRG: Is this the end of the High Street?

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