If You Entered Fashion to be Creative, Don't fear Automation


Attraqt's CEO Luke McKeever explains how Artificial Intelligence has great potential to empower creativity in fashion retail.


As online marketers we want to create memorable and distinctive experiences for people. Today’s retail websites must emulate the rich, vivid and guided experience of shopping for fashion in store – providing excitement and inspiration seamlessly blended with ease and speed. The role of visual merchandising, supported by intelligent search and personalization, has become absolutely central to the success of this dream journey.

As technology and analytics (automation) get faster and more powerful, online fashion retail enters the world of artificial intelligence (AI). This has incredible scope to accelerate and enhance visual merchandising by applying large data sets to understand and predict patterns – while also making recommendations that shoppers actually want or even discover they want.

If you entered the fashion industry to follow creative aspirations, then do not fear the onward march of automation, algorithms and data. Attraqt's CEO Luke McKeever explains why in his feature with Drapers. 

Continue reading the full story via Drapers: If you entered fashion to be creative, don't fear automation. 


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