How is Artificial Intelligence set to help retailers in 2019?

In a column for Internet Retailing, Peter Thomas, our CTO joins industry experts to discuss how a collaborative approach between AI and people is key to the best commercial success.

One technology expected to be especially significant in the coming year - artificial intelligence (AI). As yet, a lot of what’s described as AI is machine-learning, as systems follow rules set by humans in order to speed up and scale up the processes that retailers, and others, use to do business. But in the future, the technology is set to develop further towards true AI, as systems improve to the point that they are making independent decisions.

This feature from Internet Retailing shares opinions from experts about how the technology will evolve in 2019 and how it will become useful to enhance the retail experience.

Continue reading the full story via Internet Retailing: How is Artificial Intelligence set to help retailers over the coming year?

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