Four ways AI can transform Shopper Experiences

In a feature piece for Internet Retailing, we walk through the top 4 ways that Artificial Intelligence can enhance and improve your customer shopping experiences.

Digital technology and multichannel retail have dramatically transformed the consumer shopping experience over the last decade. Gone are the days when a trip to the high street was a shopper’s only option. Consumers can now decide on a whim whether they want to shop on social with their mobile phone, try on an outfit instore using a digital mirror, or order their item and pick it up in store, while taking a flat white in a store’s ‘experiential’ coffee house.

But how can ecommerce retailers ensure that every shopper experience is a great one when they’re faced with so much consumer choice and so many new paths to purchase? With an exploding number of data points that all signal shopper intent, behaviour and desire, the answer lies in a better understanding of data to enhance the overall shopper experience.

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