Data Science in Retail:

It's as much about People as Science

In an article for Information Age, Peter Thomas, our CTO discusses how AI is immensely valuable in retail, but why making it useful requires a smart collaboration between humans and machines using Data Science.

Considering we started talking about AI almost two decades ago, it’s perhaps surprising that it is only just starting to make an impact on enterprises today. Certainly, this is the case with retail — today’s omnichannel shopping environment has placed a premium on efficient and relevant interactions with brands.

Retailers recognise that AI, and specifically machine learning, has the ability to handle vast amounts of data and is able to use that data to identify patterns and to make decisions with minimal human intervention. In today’s market conditions, this is an extremely appealing proposition; to be able to deliver more relevant shopping experiences whilst increasing operational efficiency at the same time. However, in many cases the anticipation of AI is still greater than its actual impact on day-to-day life for the vast majority of retailers.

Continue reading the full story via Information Age: Data Science in Retail; It's as much about People as Science

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