6 Ways to Improve Smartphone Retail Pages

In a comments feature for IMRG, Attraqt's mobile expert Olaf Dunn offers tips on how retailers can boost conversions on smartphone shopping pages.

IMRG have spent years tracking retail payments split by device and watching the humble smartphone grow in stature. For some time firmly in the shadow of the tablet, the smartphone has since enjoyed a mass acclimatisation of shoppers, and, earlier this year, we watched with bated breath as the device attained what was once an unthinkable milestone: it became the statistical device of choice (amassing 40.4% of sales revenue in the period Nov 2018 – Jan 2019, beating out desktop by a sturdy 0.7%).

In the period Feb – Apr 2019, smartphone extended its dominion, accounting for 41.6% of sales revenue to desktop’s lowly 38.8% (while tablet sales lagged in the contest, recording just 19.6%). The line-of-best-fit paints a bright future for the smartphone as a retail device, and it would be a good idea for retailers to muster their resources and react in kind, optimising their webpages and user experiences on smartphone to eke out its fullest potential. But just what comprises smartphone best practice?

We reached out to experts in the IMRG community who specialise in retail optimisation and asked them to lend their smartphone knowledge to this piece. Here’s what they had to say.

Continue reading the full story via IMRG: 6 Ways to Improve Smartphone Retail Pages

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