18 Ways to Retain Customers In 2019

IMRG draws upon tips from industry experts to explain the top 18 ways that retailers can retain customers in 2019. Attraqt's Katie Woodhead contributes by emphasising the importance of an individualised shopping experience, especially for Gen Z and Millenial customers.

It’s a well-known pillar of commerce – acquiring new customers costs around five times more than retaining existing ones.

In ages past, retention might have been something of a low-flame topic; a pan set to simmer at the back of the stove, and perhaps stir once or twice when some fledgling start-up pops up in proximity to your presence on the high street. However, the digital age has entirely rewritten the commerce code, and the staggering amount of competition now means that retention is a critical ingredient in the commercial plat du jour.

In recognition of this, we at IMRG have reached out to experts in the field to cultivate an unequivocal list of customer retention strategies, so that retailers stand their best chance of upping their magnetism in an arena where customers are being pulled in myriad directions. We have alighted on no less than 18 grab-and-go pointers for retailers looking to get ahead – let’s get to it.

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