Attraqt vs. Algolia

Looking for an Algolia replacement?

Attraqt delivers omnichannel AI-powered search, merchandising, and recommendations that are truly relevant, and controlled by you.

Trusted by over 300 high-growth retail brands, including:

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Why switch from Algolia to Attraqt?

Business tools & creative control built for merchandising teams

At Attraqt, we empower you to be creative with your merchandising to continue to enhance the shopper experience. Be it the assortment of your Product Listing Pages or the ability to A/B test your merchandising strategies all through business tooling and interfaces.

Product Discovery is more than just search

We provide a solution for every touchpoint of the product discovery journey– from the layout of your online store to your re-engagement emails and recommendations.


Our customer support team helps you make the most of our platform

You can hit the ground running and go live within weeks as our best-in-class team guides you through every integration, capability and use case for fast time to value.

4 reasons why brands are choosing Attraqt over Algolia

Learn why brands such as Asos, Screwfix and The Kooples have chosen Attraqt to set their ecommerce store up for success.



Personalising product listing pages and the merchandising of your online store is one of the most effective ways to boost conversion. With Algolia you are limited by how many scorings you can apply per page, for example promoting best-sellers to the top of product listing pages (PLPs).

Today’s shoppers seek a more personalised experience. Attraqt’s merchandising capability converts customers by tailoring the product selection on PLPs to the shopper’s interests and intent whilst also taking into consideration key trading objectives. You can filter products based on performance and attributes such as margin, sales and click-through rates giving you ultimate creative control over your site. With Attraqt you don’t have technology restraints holding you back and you certainly won’t need to code every configuration.


The White Company was able to go from 6 attributes to rank their pages on, to 50, providing merchandisers with a greater level of control and flexibility.



Recommendations are an essential part of your product discovery experience. Algolia’s recommendation capabilities only touch the surface. You can recommend Related Products and Frequently Bought Together, but how about recommendations that inspire shoppers across multiple touchpoints?

From personalised recommendations based on real-time browsing behaviour to Visually Similar and Shop The Look – our merchandising capabilities are next level. What’s more, we’ve banned black box AI so you get full transparency of what the algorithms are suggesting, and full control of the product discovery experience. You can use the smarts of AI without compromising your brand control and merchandising objectives.

135 %

Forever New was able to achieve up to a 135% increase in conversion with our visually similar recommendation functionality.



When choosing a product discovery platform, you want it to have the bandwidth to scale up as your brand grows, to save you having to switch platforms down the line. But Algolia finds it difficult to cope with complex products or very large catalogues out of the box requiring substantial coding and development vs using out of the box business lead tooling.

At Attraqt, our platform has the technology and team to scale huge amounts of SKUs and manage even the most complex products. One of our newest customers has a catalogue size of nearly 9 million SKUs with the complexity of different pricing options for each product listed.


Onboarding and customer support

When you’ve just integrated a new platform into your online store, access to continued support is essential so you know how to achieve the best results and your merchandisers are happy. But Algolia’s support is very tech heavy, they lack the Customer Success team and process to help customers optimise and mature their merchandising strategies at a trading and business level.

Onboarding a new customer is an exciting time for the Attraqt team. Our dedicated Customer Success & Experience Consulting teams guide you to make the most of our platform as soon as we kick-off our partnership. As well as our Attraqt Academy which provides best practice guidance and how-to videos on every part of our platform. We make sure you always have exactly what you need to deliver the world’s best shopper discovery experiences to your customers.

Attraqt Academy

As you progress through our academy, we benchmark you against your peers and push more use cases, fostering a proactive approach to ongoing optimisation.

Gain accreditations and equip your entire team with the knowledge and toolset to get up to speed on our Product Discovery capabilities and beyond.

See AI-powered search in action

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