ATTRAQT Freestyle Merchandising

Where creativity meets control


Freestyle Merchandising is a complete eCommerce solution that empowers retailers to radically boost their eCommerce performance.

It does this through a suite of powerful visual merchandising, onsite search and personalization tools that help online retailers to trade their sites more effectively. Automated tools and data-led functions are built into a user-friendly interface that allows clients to rapidly merchandise their site pages and improve customer shopping experiences at the touch of a button.


The solution is a holistic ‘plug and play’ product that covers key areas of eCommerce performance for online retailers by blending human creativity with automation and control. 


  • Merchandising: offering automated and manually controllable ways to efficiently merchandise all website pages for maximum ROI
  • Product Recommendations: uses intelligent algorithms to showcase different products to different customers based on their distinct customer preferences
  • Onsite Search: features like spelling correction, search term prediction and faceted menu creation help customers to locate their favourite products much more quickly
  • Email Management: an intuitive mailing feature enables retailers to insert dynamic product selections and recommendations into their customer emails
  • Data Handling: the system uses a smart import service to handle, analyze and sort product inventories to guarantee that products are displayed in a visually stimulating and accessible way
  • Reporting: a range of customizable reports are automatically generated to give clients in-depth insight into key performance metrics, and how to improve them

More information on these features can be found in our detailed Freestyle Merchandising factsheet


The system gives brands the power to create highly personalized and relevant retail websites that their target customers will love. Many brands who use the Freestyle Merchandising service report significant increases in key performance metrics, from increased revenues to improved conversion rates and average order values. On average, the product has delivered:

  • Up to a 40% increase in team productivity
  • Up to a 25% increase in site conversion rates
  • Up to a 25% increase in average order values (AOV)

Many of our renowned retail customers are already enjoying similarly impressive results, including Harvey Nichols, Pretty Little Thing, ASOS and Debenhams. 


The Freestyle Merchandising solution suits brands that are both new to the online eCommerce arena, as well as those that already possess highly developed websites featuring a vast number of products.

The system easily integrates into popular eCommerce platforms through a series of useful plug-ins, making it ideal for businesses who need to incorporate the system’s capabilities into their pre-existing eCommerce infrastructure with minimal effort.