ATTRAQT Fredhopper

Where control and creativity merge


Fredhopper is a complete eCommerce solution that gives online retailers the power to maximize their eCommerce performance.

The solution is delivered through an all-encompassing package of advanced merchandising, navigation, onsite search and personalization features that empower online brands to trade more effectively.

The platform uses automation, smart data processing and a user-friendly interface to make website shopping experiences much more relevant to customer needs, leading to a dramatic improvement in top-line results for brands, from improved revenue and conversion rates to increased average order values.


The solution covers key areas of eCommerce performance for online retailers in a comprehensive package that fuses human creativity with automation and control. 

  • Merchandising: offers automated and manually guided ways to rapidly merchandise website pages for maximum efficiency and return
  • Personalization: uses complex data collection systems to ensure that different products can be displayed to different customer sets based on their individual preferences and needs
  • Product Recommendations: products and collections can be tailored to customers with ease using a flexible system that significantly enhances up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Onsite Search: intuitive features such as auto-correct and search term prediction make the onsite search experience much more user-friendly for customers
  • Navigation: faceted menus can be generated manually or automatically to improve website navigation for target customers. Menus can also be individually customized to appeal to different customer needs

More information on these features can be found in our detailed Fredhopper factsheet


The system gives brands the ability to craft highly personalized and relevant retail websites that their target customers will love. Brands who have utilized the Fredhopper system have reported a range of stand-out results across key business KPIS, from increased revenues to improved conversion rates and average order values. On average, the solution has delivered:

  • Up to a 40% increase in team productivity
  • Up to a 25% increase in average order values (AOV)
  • Up to a 47% reduction in page load speeds
  • Up to a 10% increase in annual revenue from onsite searches based on autocomplete and search suggest capabilities

Many of our renowned retail customers are already enjoying similarly impressive results, including Wilko, Tumi and Paper Chase.


The Fredhopper solution is particularly relevant to international retailers that possess multi-language websites and a large product inventory due to its global cloud offering. The tool can support over 40 languages and can manage merchandising for websites with over 4 million products. However, the open structure of the platform and its flexible integration capabilities make it suitable for any retailer regardless of size or website structure.

The system benefits from its compatibility with other market-leading eCommerce management platforms. Through a series of helpful plug-ins, integration is made easy, making it ideal for businesses who need to quickly assimilate the system’s capabilities into their pre-existing eCommerce infrastructure.