F&F Tesco case study


Guide shoppers to discover highly relevant products across the user journey.


With F&F's growing online presence, the retailer wanted to enhance the customer experiences by better guiding the shopper journey online.



In a bid to increase order values and drive shopper loyalty, F&F Tesco needed to enhance its product recommendations by offering trend advice and guiding upselling recommended products.


Tesco implemented Attraqt's ’s product and accessory recommendations which allowed them to track and analyse the behaviour of shoppers from items searched to products added to baskets and purchased. This data enables F&F to suggest highly relevant additional items to shoppers at every point across the user journey, from initial search to point of purchase and in real-time.


Attraqt's product and accessory recommendations ensure that customers have quick access to the outfits they seek. It's about offering convenient service, helping customers to choose the ideal look for them, and ultimately increasing conversion rates and order values by pointing them towards extra products that will complement their main choices.

Mark Wakeley
Change Manager at Tesco



  • Shopper Experience

    Improved customer experience through real-time product and accessory recommendations 
    Increased customer loyalty

  • Operational Efficiency

    Thorough training combined with the Attraqt solution significantly increased the team productivity levels for Tesco F&F


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