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Making personalisation omnichannel

A guide to Attraqt’s Omnichannel Personalisation Experiences

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The benefits of omnichannel personalisation

Personalisation is a very broad term: an umbrella descriptor for strategies that segment, personalise one-to-many, or personalise one-to-one. However, our data shows that personalisation, when executed well, can drastically improve the performance of an ecommerce platform – it can improve:

performance-2x (1)

Conversion rates

business-impact-2x (1)

Average order value


Brand advocacy

It does this by enabling you to enhance your brand experience across every touchpoint; personalising better, at a grander scale, using the meaningful insights that fuel better personalisations from every channel.

What is omnichannel commerce?

The shopping journey is made up of a series of moments. These moments follow a sequence, but rarely – in this omnichannel world of commerce – do these occur through the same channel.


Omnichannel strategies

Omnichannel strategies are also deployed across many channels, although buyers aren’t guided into a single funnel.

They focus on connecting various channels to a single control point to create a seamlessly personalised user experience across all platforms and devices.

The result is a curated journey where users can pick up where they left off when hopping from site to app or social and back.

Multichannel strategies

A single-channel strategy becomes a multichannel strategy the moment a second sales channel is added to the mix. Multichannel strategies can comprise websites, apps, social media, high street stores, telesales and more.

Brands using this strategy often segment their sales operations by department, with little crosstalk from one to another. However, it’s a great way to connect with a broad market segment.

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An omnichannel approach seeks to tie-together each of these channels, making each ‘moment’ consistent with the overarching brand experience. Unlike a multichannel strategy, the benefits of omnichannel come from consolidating these into a streamlined experience. These include your website, mobile apps, social commerce channels, chatbots, marketing channels and more.

What are your touchpoints?

  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Digital Displays
  • Sales associates
  • Point of sale devices
  • Social commerce channels
  • Marketplaces

Bringing omnichannel personalisation to life

Effective personalisation can deliver double-digit revenue growth for ecommerce platforms. But to make omnichannel personalisation effective, it takes a clever combination of:

Drive success through data

One of the most fundamental parts of successful omnichannel personalisation is how you leverage the data you have at your disposal. Collecting, understanding and then connecting product and customer data forms the foundation of a successful strategy.

Leveraging data from all of your channels makes data quality another important consideration. Every channel needs to provide rich insights to make it fit for use – making quality a more important facet than sheer quantity.

You can always improve the quality and breadth of data you collect. When activating omnichannel personalisation, find the most important data points, use these, and gradually iterate to ensure you keep your data high quality, rich and clean.

Eventually, you may wish to harness data in multiple forms: structured, unstructed, voice, or even images.

Activate personalisation effectively at scale

Using high-quality data sources gives you the power to activate personalisation in numerous ways. You can be thorough and pursue a one-to-one personalisation strategy – use information from individual shopping moments to support and guide customers through their journey – then reflect these in your smart merchandising rules.

Whilst one-to-one personalisation is incredibly powerful, using effective segmentation can work well as a medium-term strategy. Using broader segmentation rules, you can build groups based on shopper behaviour patterns or profiles, provided you have the algorithms at-hand to support your segmentation strategy. Platforms like Attraqt can give you access to transparent, understandable algorithms that mean you can get started quickly.

Score wins quickly

Omnichannel allows you to harness the power of personalisation through every customer touchpoint. Proliferating these experiences across all channels will help you maximise the performance of each, whilst enabling you to gain valuable insights from your customers at every important shopping milestone.

Using omnichannel personalisation, you can:

  1. Understand your customers better. Eliminate ‘blind spots’ from your shopping journey and uncover more insights from important milestones.
  2. Create higher impact shopper experiences. With better information at your finger tips, you can create the most impactful, inspiring experiences that align with the intentions and aspirations of your customer.
  3. Maximise your results. Using machine learning techniques, your personalisation strategy can only become better aligned, more impactful and, ultimately, yield better commercial results.


The roadblocks to omnichannel


Without AI support, ecommerce and merchandising, providing a seamless experience across so many channels can be challenging.

Connecting diverse channels

Brands find it challenging to collate and integrate data from diverse channels. The challenge is more complex because successful omnichannel strategies must cater for usage across multiple devices with consistency across all channels.

Attraqt’s headless omnichannel platform features easy direct integration tools and software development kits that enable data to flow freely between channels from the outset.

The dashboard automates the process of joining offline and online user profiles across multiple channels and devices so teams can easily design, implement and manage unified omnichannel journeys backed by consistently relevant merchandising strategies.

Shifting landscape

The omnichannel landscape can shift quickly as new social networks and methods of communication arise or fall out of favour. Systems must be flexible enough to integrate new channels and rapidly adapt to the changing environment.

Attraqt’s composable architecture features out-of-the-box packaged business capabilities (PBC) that give ecommerce sites the flexibility to quickly compose unique solutions that are quick to deploy to the marketplace. Composable architecture gives ecommerce brands the power to beat competitors in responding to new market needs.


Scale challenge

Omnichannel strategies can be challenging to implement and maintain at scale.

Attraqt can work with and synchronise vast datasets across diverse channels. Its composable architecture is designed for brands that aren’t afraid of high growth goals. 

Legacy architecture

Traditional ecommerce platforms were not designed with omnichannel journeys in mind. They can’t keep pace with customers growing expectations around consistent touch points across many channels.

Attraqt’s omnichannel platform features fast out-of-the-box integration with the most popular ecommerce platforms. It lets teams quickly achieve rapid ROI without complex technical solutions or workarounds.


Attraqt, the product discovery platform built to be omnichannel

Attraqt is an all-in-one suite of product discovery tools built to enhance the shopping experience seamlessly. With features such as AI-powered search, product recommendations, machine learning and more, you can supercharge the performance of your brand across every channel.

To learn more about Attraqt, request a demo of the platform or download one of our feature guides to learn more about the potential of our platform.

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