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AI and ecommerce

Your guide to Attraqt’s artificial intelligence tools

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For the consumer, AI-powered ecommerce sites create deep brand affinity by offering a personalised journey both onsite and offsite ensuring a consistent experience across all channels that is leaps and bounds ahead in usability and relevance.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the tools that make the field so exciting and find out how Attraqt is putting them to work to revolutionise online shopping.

AI works – the stats

135 %

Increase in conversions generated by Attraqt’s visually similar AI engine for Forever New.

300 k

Of additional search revenue generated by Attraqt’s AI-powered search.

9 %

Of Nature & Découvertes turnover is now generated by Attraqt’s AI Gift Finder.

Artificial intelligence – an overview

Artificial intelligence isn’t a single science but a landscape of technologies and tools working together to help machines think, understand and behave more like humans.

AI-powered technologies leverage the ever-increasing processing power of computers to imitate the complex problem-solving and decision-making processes taking place all the time in the human brain.

Machine learning, deep learning & neural networks

Machine learning is a field of data science that uses algorithms to make observations and predictions, and discover insights from often complex data and statistics. These can be used to inform real-world strategies that help ecommerce sites adopt a data-driven approach to meeting and beating KPIs. They can also power digital processes like chatbots and automated omnichannel personalisation.

Deep learning is a branch of machine learning using multiple ‘deep’ layers of connected nodes that mimic the brain’s neural pathways to enhance, improve and expand upon single-layer insights.

Technologies powered by deep learning and neural networks can quickly analyse and learn from vast datasets to make accurate decisions about everything from winning chess strategies to fraud detection and getting self-driving cars home safely.

For Attraqt, they are the tech behind a powerful product discovery engine that analyses shoppers’ data profiles to make suggestions based on similar users’ data and ensure relevance at all stages of product discovery.

It’s just one of many game-changing ecommerce applications, including:

  • AI-powered search
  • Omnichannel personalisation
  • Product discovery and recommendations
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Identifying new market segments and trends
  • Inventory and listings management

Natural language processing (NLP)

Making machines and software understand the many nuances and variations of human language is one of the most significant challenges of building elegant and successful user-machine interfaces.

But NLP is changing that. It’s a branch of artificial intelligence that combines deep learning and other AI technologies with linguistics to give computers a better understanding of everyday language.

For online merchandisers, NLP is an opportunity to grasp the meaning and intent behind non-standard search terms and serve consumers with more relevant products. And as one of the core technologies behind chatbots and virtual assistants, NLP also plays a vital part in making the digital shopping experience feel altogether more human.

Computer vision

If deep learning processes are the thinking-power behind the next generation of machines, computer vision is the sight. Computer vision technologies derive meaning and information from visual images in a similar way NLP does from language, making accurate conclusions about colour, materials and much more.

Attraqt’s product recommendation engine uses computer vision to serve up recommendations and power new product discovery based on fabric patterns and even whether items are casual or formal.

Self-learning algorithms (algorithms for algorithms)

Self-learning algorithms can be applied to each of the artificial intelligence processes we’ve looked at so far. They essentially monitor and analyse their own performance to yield continually improving results.

Attraqt’s AI suite of tools for ecommerce achieve this with always-on optimisation, and self-learning algorithms can even analyse which AI tools (and algorithms!) are most successful and adapt the toolset accordingly.

Artificial intelligence – challenges and solutions


Understanding search terms

In the past, ecommerce sites have been effective at serving up search results that match shoppers’ exact queries. But getting search results to match synonyms, slang, spelling mistakes, and other non-standard terms often involved labour and time-intensive manual solutions

Attraqt’s AI search – powered by NLP, deep learning and other tools – understands the intent behind even the most complex and idiosyncratic search terms. It yields consistently relevant results that send conversion rates and average order value (AOV) soaring.

Personalising the online journey

In the pre-AI landscape, making relevant, personalised product recommendations was at best hit and miss. The challenge becomes more complex as ecommerce sites contend with the task of matching vast and expanding customer/inventory datasets across many sales channels.

Attraqt’s versatile product recommendation engine collates and analyses customer data like browser behaviour, past purchases and demographic profiles. It generates item-based and user-based product recommendations that boost product discovery and increase cross-selling and upselling transactions.


Omnichannel consistency

Ecommerce teams lack the digital and labour power to create user-unique journeys and personalise the online shopping experience beyond first-name greetings. In today’s omnichannel landscape, where user data is spread across multiple sales channels and devices, the challenge becomes insurmountable without AI support.

Attraqt’s AI-powered ecommerce personalisation process gathers and analyses data at every touchpoint across websites, apps, social and more. It understands user intent and provides consistently personalised landing pages, marketing emails and other collateral across the board.

Providing support and assistance

The traditional roles of sales assistants and customers service personnel are challenging to recreate online. Ecommerce providers can struggle to meet the demand for 24/7 support and advice.

Attraqt uses deep learning and NLP to power chatbots and virtual assistants. These use natural language to answer queries, make recommendations and deliver personalised offers 24/7.

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Inventory management

As ecommerce product inventories grow to vast sizes, it’s a tricky balancing act to maintain an inventory that meets fluid market demands without creating excess stock, which in turn leads to markdown.

It is common to base merchandising strategies on promoting best sellers or hero products, But this causes ‘product surfacing’ and can lead to markdowns if other catalogue items don’t receive sufficient prominence and promotion.

Attraqt’s suite of artificial intelligence tools allows merchandisers to promote best sellers and hero products alongside personalised alternatives that are closely aligned with the users’ preferences. 

This creates an improved user experience and allows more even catalogue promotion with a better spread of product surfacing and lower risk of markdown.

The power of artificial intelligence



Attraqt’s AI quickly carries out labour-intensive work like data analysis and content personalisation. It saves brands time and money by reducing the need for implementing manual workarounds to common ecommerce challenges.


Get improved insight

Attraqt’s deep learning algorithms rapidly identify and respond to new and niche market trends and segments. And through self-learning and always-on optimisation, they get better at doing this all the time.


Boost revenue

Product recommendations, enhanced product discovery, personalisation, 24/7 virtual-assistant support – and more – all contribute to a dramatic improvement to every KPI that matters. Attraqt is proven to boost CTR and AOV, reduce cart abandonment and raise lifetime value.


Omnichannel consistency

Attraqt’s AI tools for ecommerce sync across multiple sales channels and devices to give users a consistently personalised shopping experience from one visit to the next.


Build lifetime value

Attraqt’s AI features improve the user experience and nurture brand-shopper relationships that feel profoundly personal. In an arena where loyalty is quick to change, that’s more now more valuable than ever.

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