Personalised experiences matter. How decision science can transform online shopper conversion & satisfaction



There’s no formulaic approach to help retailers predict the impulses and needs of consumers. However, there are some behavioural patterns every retailer needs to know if they are to embrace every opportunity to engage and move their shoppers down the buyer journey.

Decision Science is not a magic formula that provides insight to the mind of a shopper, but it can teach us what triggers a purchase and why we shop the way we do.

Our brain and heart both matter when it comes to retail decision-making and achieving the balance between emotions and rationality can help companies achieve a boost in sales and loyalty.

Join Attraqt, Crobox and Amplience for a live webinar, featuring Forrester Research and Decode Marketing and learn how you can make use of decision science to transform online shopper conversion and satisfaction.


Rusty Warner
Analyst - Forrester
Guest Speaker

Phil Barden
CEO - Decode
Guest Speaker

John Raap
Chief Partner & Strategy Officer - Attraqt

Janelle de Weerd
Head of Growth - Crobox

James Brooke
Founder & CEO- Amplience

What you'll discover on the webinar:


  • Learn why effective personalisation focuses on customer value
  • Find out what decision science is and how applicable it is to ecommerce
  • Understand what are the opportunities to create value for shoppers through decision science
  • Learn how to gain an understanding of customer intent and to use this to drive highly relevant shopper experiences

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