Is AI key to delivering true personalization across the customer journey



In a digital-first world delivering highly relevant online experiences is critical if brands and retailers want to achieve ongoing success. Deploying artificial intelligence (AI) gives brands the ability to scalably deliver the personalized customer experience that consumers demand, improving engagement and boosting conversion rates – across the customer journey from product discovery to purchase and re-engagement. How can digital brands seize the opportunity of AI-driven personalization while avoiding potential pitfalls?

Join Kameleoon and Attraqt for a live webinar, featuring Forrester Research, and get key insights and proven use cases to help you guide your AI-driven personalization strategy.


James McCormick
Principal Analyst - Forrester
Guest Speaker

Jean-René Boidron
CEO - Kameleoon

Nicolas Mathon
Chief Architect - Attraqt

What you'll discover on the webinar:


  • Discover how AI promises deeper, more intelligent personalization at scale
  • Explore key approaches to AI-driven personalization, and how to understand the value and risks each brings
  • Learn how to deliver highly relevant digital experiences to all your visitors
  • Hear about brands who are successfully delivering AI-driven personalized experiences
  • Understand the 4 stage roadmap to achieving the benefits of AI-driven personalization

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