Why Attraqt

Trusted by over 240 of the world's leading brands.
Discover how to extend your current ecommerce capabilities to improve shopper conversion.


Increase conversions

Flourish across the board. Deliver better results, create more inspiring shopper experiences while increasing overall efficiency and performance.


Our success is seen in the company we keep

The best brands in the world see us as their trusted partner.


The Attraqt Advantage

We provide Machine Learning technology that is augmented and enhanced by human expertise and creativity.
Easy-to-use interfaces and efficient workflows enable Merchandisers to take full control and to seamlessly enhance the value of smart automation with their own expertise and creativity.


Boost relevancy and scale your expertise through Machine Learning


Remain in control of your strategy and apply styling & creativity


Fredhopper Discovery Platform empowers Merchandisers to deliver highly relevant search & browsing experiences for their shoppers while also achieving their critical business goals.

Smart Data Engine

Unlock real-time shopper intent and interests with unified smart data integration, transformation and application.

Relevance Engine

Discover Actionable Insights through application of machine learning algorithms to smart data.

Merchandising Studio

Empower merchandisers to seamlessly collaborate through a best-in-class UI to deliver strategies, creativity and inspiration.

Execution Engine

Provides the robust, secure and reliable technology that delivers real operational efficiency. Scaling with you as you grow.

Experience state-of-the-art technology with the expertise and support to deploy it successfully.
Receive a tried and tested on-boarding and go-live programme. All underpinned by our brilliant technical and business teams, throughout the entire process.


Partnering with the leading ecommerce companies

We work very closely with the leading ecommerce platforms and ecommerce experts in Australia to deliver exceptional shopping experiences.


Retail experience is in our DNA

We understand that each shopper is unique. We recognize that each sector has its own unique characteristics.


Our culture of dynamic development

We combine 20 years of experience and expertise with the latest emerging technologies. Our innovative approach has made us one of the world's leading visual merchandising companies. 


We believe in the power of sharing data-led insight to drive shared success and we will support you at every opportunity. 

Better, Together

We have a deeply collaborative culture, which makes us trusted partners to deliver the right solutions. 


We pioneered an industry almost two decades ago and are committed to continuous innovation.


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