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Benefit from enterprise-grade capabilities regardless of your size!

Our easy to use, flexible platform provides out-of-the-box solutions and advanced AI-powered automation. You can get started quickly, with minimal set-up time. Hit the ground running with our platform. It’s also constantly evolving to meet the needs of industry.

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MACH compliant

  • SaaS-enabled: Benefit from continuous improvements and instant access to new functionality through our open SaaS platform that supports automation and DevOps approaches.
  • Open and flexible: Bring your own and third-party algorithms, as well as models and connect your own tools.
  • Scalable and robust: Benefit from proven reliability with our platform built for peak trading periods, with over 127 billion queries and 99.9+% uptime during the peak trading period of 2020, with 100% uninterrupted service.
  • High performing: Effortlessly handle product catalogues with 25+ million items across several sites and languages.
  • Quicker time to value: Reduce the path to value with our pre-trained algorithms, cold-start strategies, proprietary Value Framework and expert customer support.
  • Leverage your existing technology investment: Enhance your existing technology stack with advanced search and personalisation capabilities.

Benefit from

  • Leading-edge innovation and advanced machine learning and AI
  • Real-time data to power more relevant experiences
  • Reduced time and cost associated with integration, upgrades and operation
  • More flexibility and agility when it comes to implementing and designing your own tech stack

Fast and easy integration

Benefit from faster time to market through direct integrations with a selection of best-of-breed ecommerce platforms and tools.

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