Manufacturing & B2B

Improving efficiency and optimising the buying experience



Establishing a B2B ecommerce channel is inherently more challenging and complex than a B2C ecommerce site.

Catalogues are large, with large numbers of variants for individual products that are often difficult to differentiate.
This means that search and navigation are even more important and ultimately critical to help the buyer quickly identify the right product.

This is why a complete ecommerce solution is required that can optimise and integrate search, navigation, recommendations, personalisation and merchandising together to deliver one exceptional shopping experience.


There is no other sector that is characterised by such a high level of shopper research. It is paramount that shoppers are guided by the appropriate information, filters and choices to find the items that match their needs.

Journeys are often omni-channel and involve multiple engagements with each visit influencing the intent to buy.

Delivering the right customer experience is critical to consumer conversion and ongoing loyalty.


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