Health & Beauty

Connect with your customers on a personal level.


Personalisation in health & beauty is critical. Each customer is unique and each engagement needs to cater for their specific characteristics such as skin condition, hair type, or health problem. From search to campaigns, and from merchandising to recommendations we help you connect on a personal level.

Online Health & Pharmacy sector often struggles with slow consumer adoption and the ability to build trust, replicating the experience received in-store. Another key challenge for these companies is demonstrating the expertise efficiently online, which is crucial for a health company in earning their customers’ trust.

Attraqt can set up strategies for personalised recommendations, products as well as content at all levels of the customer journey, including the homepage, product pages, category pages, which improve shopper confidence and retention long term. Attraqt’s solution ensures customers are served only relevant content and product recommendations.


The cosmetics industry deals with a demand for personalised experiences that replicate those received in-store. These businesses need to be able to manage a huge amount of inventory whilst showing customers the most relevant products without overwhelming them with too much choice.

With our flexible data feeds and flexible merchandising capabilities, Attraqt ensures the right content with the highest potential for interest and conversion is recommended.

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