Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is renowned for its sophisticated and elegant department stores, where shoppers feel inspired to spend time and explore. As the appetite for buying luxury goods online increases, the British retailer wanted to mirror this instore 'browsing and discovery' experience on its website.

Creating a consistent multichannel customer experience

A major challenge facing luxury retailers is finding a way to balance promoting an aspirational brand image online, while still maximizing revenue. As part of a website restructure, Harvey Nichols turned to ATTRAQT Fredhopper to help improve its creative online merchandising strategy and encourage customers to explore Harveynichols.com in more depth - and as a result, spend longer online.

To achieve this, Harvey Nichols is using ATTRAQT Fredhopper's most advanced automated processes to supply all information required to arrange and present category pages, making it easier for customers to search and navigate the website.

Meanwhile, responsive merchandising tools allow Harvey Nichols to manually curate individual category pages. This ensures products displayed to the customer can be prioritised according to brand and business requirements such as trends or campaigns.

Harvey Nichols has worked with ATTRAQT Fredhopper since 2013, and restructuring its online store has enabled the retailer to maximise the potential of ATTRAQT Fredhopper's technology.

“We want to offer our customers the same incredible experience online that they have when they enter one of our stores, and for them to feel confident and comfortable browsing and shopping in this environment," said Pamela Reynolds, Head of Online at Harvey Nichols. “As we've gradually rolled out ATTRAQT Fredhopper's technology, we've felt increasingly comfortable entrusting the running of parts of our business. We are impressed with the performance and results, and that gives us peace of mind, especially at peak trading times. Shoppers are staying longer on our website - engaging more with category filters and clicking onto product pages, which ultimately helps increase sales."

Merchandising and much more

Harvey Nichols uses ATTRAQT Fredhopper technology in a variety of ways across its entire website, to provide customers with a better overall online shopping experience. On the homepage, a carousel and content stream are driven by automated processes that allow Harvey Nichols to surface content from all sections of the online store. This isn't always product-related - it could be news of upcoming events, style guides or services that will be of interest to shoppers.

A 'New In' section is where Harvey Nichols showcases the hottest brands that reflect its visual identity. Using responsive merchandising tools, the online team is able to curate these pages on a granular level to make sure they are showcasing appropriate products.

As part of its digital marketing strategy, Harvey Nichols regularly runs campaigns to promote new launches or specific ranges. Much of the heavy lifting involved is driven by ATTRAQT Fredhopper, allowing the marketing team to focus on placing relevant content in front of shoppers.

"We are impressed with the performance and results, and that gives us peace of mind, especially at peak trading times."

In Harvey Nichols' department stores, stylists are on hand to help customers put together a complete outfit. The same results can be achieved on the website with the online style assistant equivalent, 'Complete the Look'. The data for this is automated by ATTRAQT Fredhopper, which manages the related 'You May Also Like' function too.

One further area where Harvey Nichols is able to maximise ATTRAQT Fredhopper's technology is its loyalty scheme. The retailer can target members of 'The Reward App' with offers that are appropriate to their current tier - silver, gold, platinum or black.

The Results

+ 31% uplift in conversions from category to product pages via desktop.

+ 23% uplift in conversions from category to product pages via mobile.

+ 5 x faster server response time, improving overall website performance.

Harvey Nichols' website upgrade has allowed the retailer to maximise the potential of ATTRAQT Fredhopper's technology, producing impressive results. Customers are presented with an immersive digital shopping experience that remains true to the Harvey Nichols brand identity. Shoppers are inspired to delve deeper and discover more, as reflected by the uplifts seen over a four week period.