Fashion & Apparel

Helping retailers to significantly reduce abandonment and increase conversions.


One of the biggest challenges fashion and apparel retailers is being able to increase ecommerce conversion rates. By implementing AI, Machine Learning, Personalisation, and Automation, we help these retailers to significantly reduce abandonment and increase conversions.

When you aim to inspire your shoppers with the latest trends and looks you can’t be distracted. As you focus on the customer, we help you eliminate the heavy lifting and scale your expertise across more categories, pages and products.

  • Looking to visually curate the latest looks?
  • Or react in real-time to fast moving trends?
  • Or create shopping experiences with that wow factor?

We know what it takes to stay ahead in fast fashion and to differentiate through outstanding shopper experiences.

Those in the fashion industry, less affected by fast-moving trends, prioritise stock and price. Attraqt helps these brands to achieve their goal with automated data driven merchandising.


While fashion brands typically rely on volume sales, luxury brands – by their very nature – cannot. Your target audience has a unique set of expectations that retailers need to meet with exclusivity and brand experience.

We support some of the largest luxury fashion brands globally with unique retail knowledge and a robust, flexible, scalable platform that allows luxury retailers to have a complete control over how their pages and products are curated. This enables you to translate your outstanding offline experience into your online shop.

For footwear, managing sizing and colours and general regional differences can be challenging.

Create an outstanding experience that helps your shoppers browse regardless of their location, find the right campaigns and discover the product lister pages that inspire them.
Combine personalisation with visual recommendations to keep you ahead of the competition.


With multiple categories and brands to cater to, automation is key to orchestrating the right recommendations, and at scale. However, each category or brand often requires a level of curation during seasonal campaigns or trending opportunities.

We deliver best in class AI-driven recommendations that apply merchandising rules in line with your business needs, with the ability to override automation where it’s needed.

Enhance the shopper journey by personalising the experience

Shoppers on maternity and kids wear sites typically expect highly personalised experiences and can be put off if the site is not helpful or relevant to their particular needs. Without an efficient way to make use of the data available, it is easy to dismiss the intent of the returning shopper and therefore lose a potential customer. We work with maternity & kids wear brands to orchestrate unique personalised experiences to drive loyalty and repeat purchases.


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