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For the reservations and booking sector, the biggest challenge is the ability to build a place where every location can be easily discovered and booked with the best price, whilst also providing a consistent personalized experience on every channel. Now more than ever, it is important for these businesses to expand their merchandising capabilities and give flexibility to local teams to manage their digital properties according to specific needs and priorities.

Attraqt can set up strategies for personalized recommendations tailored to a specific market. The combination of Attraqt Experience Orchestrator (XO) algorithms and merchandising studio ensures relevant recommendations are served to the user even when a the location is not bookable.


A holiday is one of the biggest purchases of the year and most people will spend time researching and visiting multiple sites before making a decision. Inspiring the shopper and helping them to find the right destinations for their holiday plan is one of the biggest challenges the travel companies face. 

By tailoring the end-to-end purchase journey through personalization, the online travel brands increasingly hope to harness and maintain customer attention. Tactically optimize content for certain destinations to particular demographics. Attraqt's personal shopper (trip planner) can recommend destinations & holidays corresponding to the user's preferences.

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