Wolf & Badger case study


Creating a fresh, new shopping experience without impacting team resource.


Attraqt delivered an impressive ability to respond to group and individual behaviour online with relevant real-time recommendations that increased sales by 100%,



Wolf & Badger needed to reflect the same experience through their online store and not only expand and deliver powerful merchandising, but also inspire and guide customers efficiently through their multiple category pages to influence purchases.


A key feature Attraqt was able to deliver is an ability to respond to group and individual behaviour across the online user journey in real-time. Results and relevant recommendations are adapted to each customer’s intent as they search and click.


We use almost all the features offered by Attraqt. We can now present our mix of designers and products on-site in a much more visually compelling manner. Its a much more accurate reflection of the unique in- store experience that we know our customers love.

Wolf & Badger



  • Commercial Value

    Year-on-year sales increased by 100% 
    Growth in conversion rates of more than 50% 
    Improved user retention rates with time spent on-site significantly increasing and bounce rates declining

  • Shopper Experience

    Improved onsite shopper experience through efficient visual merchandising functionality

  • Operational Efficiency

    Improved resource allocation which contributes to higher return on investment


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