Wilko case study


Site Review program helps to guide the merchandising team to take a more strategic approach.


In a bid to optimise the customer journey, Wilko hired Attraqt's Business Consulting team to gain a more strategic view of how to better respond with merchandising.



Wilko's website presents the company's Trading & Merchandising team with the ongoing challenge of ensuring that the brand delivers the same convenient, relevant, fast and customer-centric service online as it does in-store.


Wilko engaged with Attraqt's Business Consulting Site Review program which is designed to examine the customer journey and experience from first point of contact to transaction completion, and to make insightful recommendations about how that journey and experience can be improved.


The Site Review was a great way to assist in the maturity of the team and help us to internalize a better and more strategic approach to our merchandising. 

Jonathan Newton
Head of eCommerce & Optimization, Wilko



  • Commercial Value

    Strong growth in Wilko’s online customer base 

  • Operational Efficiency

    Major improvements have been made to online customer journey which has provided Wilko with a much more strategic approach to their merchandising 
    Gave Merchandising team confidence to design and engage in a far more structured, tactical and strategic Trading & Merchandising strategy 


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