The White Company case study


A seamless integration between Attraqt and SAP Hybris resulted in immediate improvements to White Company’s Search and Merchandising capabilities, leading to an uplift in search conversion rates


A UK lifestyle retailer, focused on selling high-end stylish home décor, furnishing and clothing products for 25 years. A multichannel business, the White Company operates ecommerce sites in the UK, US, and across Europe.




The White Company re-platformed to SAP Hybris in 2016 and was quickly challenged by the platform’s existing ‘out of the box’ search solution, Solr. Merchandisers had discovered its limitations in returning relevant results to shopper search. 

As a retailer with a large and complex product catalogue, The White Company's merchandising team required a more advanced solution that would easily integrate with and complement Hybris.



Working with Attraqt, The White Company was able to make swift improvements in the following areas: 

Optimizing Product Rankings: The White Company was able to go from 6 attributes to rank their pages on, to 50, providing merchandisers with a greater level of control and flexibility.

Enhancing Search Term Optimization: Helping customers discover relevant products quicker, and more efficiently.

Efficient Synonym Application:  Significantly reducing the manual work required by teams and increase the number of relevant results returned.

Precise Results Modification: The teams are now easily able to pick and choose the items they want to push to the first position on the page.



"Not only did Attraqt’s technology match up with our needs and requirements for search and merchandising, but we also knew that their future vision and roadmap were in line with our plans - which we knew we could utilize.”

Abby Young 
International Trading Manager, The White Company



  • Commercial Value

    5% increase in AOV

    3% increase in  search conversion rates

  • Shopper Experience

    22% of customers who search, click on the new  Related Terms feature within the dropdown

    63% reduction in unsuccessful search results

    53% YOY increase in UK site visits with search

    27% increase in total site visits

    50% drop in search exit rate

  • Operational Efficiency

    By having to rely less on manual input, The White Company was able to increase team efficiency

    More time to spend optimizing trading strategies ensuring a richer and more efficient online journey for the customer

    More time to analyse customer behaviour and performance


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