Pretty Little Thing


Delivering a powerful combination of creativity and automation.


Responding to Pretty Little Thing's requirement for delivering both relevancy and inspiration to its shoppers, Attraqt delivered an impactful combination of features and services.



The retailer needed a platform that used automation to do the heavy lifting while allowing it's merchandisers to have the flexibility to manually curate pages as required. They also required efficient scalability for global vs local sites.


By integrating ATTRAQT Fredhopper search and merchandising platform, PrettyLittleThing are able to automate the long tail, while closely controlling the presentation of key products on a granular level. This is done by using agile ‘visual search’ merchandising capabilities.


Search functionality has improved considerably, while merchandisers working on international sites now have the freedom to style a page as they wish, based on seasonality. These improvements, together with an overall increase in performance of our sites have contributed to the recent uplifts in order value and conversion.

James McDougall,
Head of IT, PrettyLittleThing



  • Commercial Value

    +8% uplift in order value over 4 month period 
    +7% increase in conversion rates over 4 month period 

  • Shopper Experience

    Combining human creativity and automaton has allowed PLT to provide an enriched shopping experience to its customers

  • Infrastructure Gains

    By using Fredhopper’s onsite search and merchandising technology, PrettyLittleThing is enhancing performance of its UK business, international websites and app. 


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