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A small merchandising team using A/B testing to successfully optimise experiences for their customers to improve click-through and conversion rates


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A furniture company selling a wide range of high-quality furniture and home furnishings, with an online presence in the UK and US, and in-store presence in the UK.


OKA’s typical shopper intentions can vary hugely. The furniture retailer wanted to optimise the online experience for all of their shoppers without losing sight of conversion rates. This was a challenging task with a small merchandising team. 


OKA implemented Attraqt’s A/B Testing, which allowed them to create curated and inspiring experience for their customers through a data-led optimisation of automated strategies. Within a span of one year the furniture retailer ran a comprehensive A/B testing program of over 40 tests using Attraqt’s A/B testing and reporting functionality, focusing on customer segmentation and price sensitivity.

We are such a small team, so being able to use Attraqt’s technology to automate our site has been invaluable. I can just test and implement the strategies, leave them running and go back to it as and when I need to and then easily identify and implement the successful ones across the site. Not only are we now able to justify why we have a certain sort order on a page, but we also feel reassured that it is statistically proven to work and drives sales across the site.

Alice Waldeck 
Senior Online Trading Executive, OKA

Attraqt - OKA & A/B Testing

Learn how luxury homewares retailer OKA has utilised Attraqt's A/B testing functionalities to improve commercial results.


  • Shopper Experience

    17.5% YoY increase in click-through rates

    Uplift of 20.1% in click-through rates on category pages from April 18 to April 19

    A valuable insight that has helped the brand to understand their customers better, resulting in enhanced shopping experiences

  • Operational Efficiency

    Informed data-led decisions that are guaranteed to drive sales on the site

    Improved team efficiency

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