Nature & Découvertes case study

Enhanced shopper experience, with a 31% uplift in conversions


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Since 1990, the Nature & Découvertes brand has been offering products related to nature. Their customers can discover a selection of original outdoor equipment, books, music, and games to discover the world and its treasures.


Nature & Découvertes was struggling to Classify, structure and optimize the visibility of a large number of products (25,000 products references, 80% of which are on the marketplace) in line with visitors’ interests to boost the conversion rate.

They wanted to offer their customers the same level of personalization and user experience online that of in-store to recreate a strong customer experience.



A Gift Finder to guide the user and recreate a strong online user experience

This original tool allows users to playfully describe the type of gift they are looking for as well as the person to whom it is intended. A guided selling approach and decision tree reproduces the exchanges that a customer could have with an in-store advisor.

Users benefit from an original, strong and personalized online experience, which can be applied throughout the year or at key shopping moments such as the Christmas period, during which the Gift Finder increased the number of views by 65%.

Personalized on-site recommendations to optimize product visibility

Implementation of product recommendations in key locations of the website provided a personalized experience throughout the customer journey on the home page, product pages and shopping cart.

At the end of the customer journey, the shopping cart offers complementary products via a pop-in to personalize the shopping experience and significantly drive conversions.

Attraqt XO algorithms used customer data (navigation path, interests, behavior in the conversion funnel and purchases in stores) to provide the best 1:1 product recommendation in real-time. This is then weighted by the merchandising rules defined by the brand directly on the Attraqt XO.

Attraqt Experience Orchestrator (XO) has allowed us to improve the visibility of the products in line with the interests of our visitors, while at the same time offering, thanks to our Gift Engine, an online experience close to the one in store.


Benjamin Boulic

Head of e-commerce, Nature & Découverte



  • Commercial Value

    7% increase in CTR generated through recommendations

    17% conversion from recommendations

    Up to 11% global revenues generated through recommendations

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