Lulli Sur La Toile

Hear from Lullli Sur La Toile Ecommerce Coordinator Sophie Istria to learn how the company is using Attraqt in their day to day work and how it's impacting their commercial results.



We have been using Attraqt since 2017. Our primary goal with Attraqt was to boost onsite conversions through product recommendations. Attraqt enabled our customers to quickly find the products that met their needs - significantly improving the customer experience across the product pages.

Sophie Istria, Ecommerce Coordinator

Lulli Sur La Toile

Find out how Lulli Sur La Toile is: 


  • Using Attraqt Personal Shopper and Gift Finder to boost customer experience

  • How Attraqt helps with product discovery at every step of the shopper journey

  • Benefits and results Lulli Sur La Toile has seen since they started using Attraqt

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