La Redoute Case Study

Providing a personalised cross-channel customer experience and increasing customer loyalty

Integrating personalisation into a trigger strategy has allowed us to put the customer back at the centre of our decision-making process, strengthening our relationship with them.

Laurie Verhaeghe 
Marketing Project Manager, La Redoute

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La Redoute needed a solution that would help the retailer to take its personalisation to the next level. In particular, La Redoute was keen to make improvements in the following three key areas:

- Integrate the trigger email program into a global personalisation experience

- Improve and apply the personalised customer experience across all sales channels

 - Create a unique personalised cross-channel journey


How did we help?

Working with Attraqt Experience Orchestrator, La Redoute was able to apply the following strategies to improve their email personalisation:

- Provide highly targeted content for each shopper profile

- Capitalise on customer key milestones

- Follow-up after a visit to re-engage the customer


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