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Learn how Forever New was able to achieve up to a 135% increase in conversion


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Global women's fast-fashion retailer: 150 stores and a significant online presence in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and South Africa.


With over 10,000 SKU's it was a challenge to help customers navigate through the website to discover the perfect outfit based on their preferences.


Forever New implemented the highly innovative Visually Similar Solution, to make image-based recommendations that reflect customer preferences and drive the customer journey online and in-store.

Visually Similar recommendations have helped us to present products that meet their requirements without compromising on the original style of the product that attracted the shopper in the first place. It has also encouraged seamless product discovery and inspiration with shoppers now purchasing new but similar styles and products across our vast product range.

Rachel Tigel,
Senior Ecommerce Manager, Forever New

Attraqt - Forever New & Visual Recommendations

Learn how Australian fast-fashion retailer Forever New has implemented Attraqt's 'Visually Similar' recommendations with impressive results.


  • Commercial Value

    Up to a 135% increase in conversions 
    7% of total sales accounted for by click thrus on visually similar recommendations
    Up to a 21% increase in Average order Value

  • Shopper Experience

    Ability to make decisions based on personal preferences in style, pattern, colour

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