Emma Bridgewater case study


Gift Finder: Innovative solution designed to respond immediately to customer behaviour.


Using Gift Finder, Attraqt gave Emma Bridgewater the ability to be immediately responsive with matching and offering products with customer behavior.



Emma Bridgewater wanted to maximise sales during the busy peak season, but at the same find a solution that would deliver improved results all year round.


Attraqt offered a range of Gift Finder Tool examples, which could be tested and refined to suit the company's customer journey.


We saw results immediately, within 10 days the Gift Finder Tool had paid for itself, and also received wide recognition from both customers and our extended business.

Emma Bridgewater



  • Commercial Value

    Instantaneous impact on Sales - within 10 days the Gift Finder tool had paid for itself

  • Shopper Experience

    A seamless and innovative solution that is immediately responsive in its ability to match the customer behaviour


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