Birchbox case study


CRM data & 1:1 Personalization

Driving revenue for online shops and building brand loyalty


Birchbox is an online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box of four to five selected samples of makeup, or other beauty-related products.




Disrupt the market with personalization

Birchbox has a real digital culture and is always looking for innovative solutions to make its user experience more dynamic. The subscription service business was keen to find ways to disrupt the market and drive the engagement by implementing a more service-focused model and applying personalization to its online offer.

Take advantage of available customer data

 Thanks to its subscription system, Birchbox owns rich and complex data on each subscriber’s profile. Birchbox was keen to capitalize on this qualitative data to personalize the customer experience across all channels and generate revenue through their online shops.



Birchbox’s worked with Attraqt to increase customer loyalty and drive revenue through their online stores by using available CRM data to improve on-site recommendations.

CRM data combined with product feed and navigation history were integrated into the Attraqt’s Experience Orchestrator for Birchbox teams to create and manage merchandising strategies along the navigation path to guide users in selecting the right products.


Depending on which category was being viewed, the similarity and complementary strategies could focus on:

Product ranges

Product benefits (e.g. products for dry skin)

Product formulations (e.g. organic products)


Birchbox and Attraqt gradually implemented personalization into the customer journey with on-site recommendations through eight different campaigns on the website’s key locations: list pages, product pages and interstitial pages, covering over 5000 product references.




"The implementation of the API solution was very fast. We first tested the relevance of Attraqt’s Experience Orchestrator and algorithms. The results quickly showed the effectiveness of personalization strategies and enabled us to apply personalization across the customer journey.

Martin Balas

CTO & co-founder, Birchbox



  • Commercial Value

    6.4% increase in conversion rates

    21.2% increase in adds to basket

    5% of total turnover is now generated through personalization 


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