AMARA + Attraqt

Attraqt helped AMARA to optimize product discovery across multiple territories whilst driving conversion, demand, and customer satisfaction.

Attraqt has enabled AMARA to elevate onsite search, personalization and merchandising functionality in a way that puts the customer at the centre of the experience. With Attraqt, product discovery has become an efficient and essential part of our shopper journey. Significantly, our integration has boosted operational efficiency by arming the team that holds the site performance metrics with the ability to continuously implement strategic decision making. It’s also clear that Attraqt continues to fortify the platform as they roll out their AI portfolio, and this looks set to support our growth trajectory in what is now a fiercely competitive, digital-first retail landscape.


Ben Blackwell, CMO, AMARA



With 24,000+ SKUs from 300 brands across 400+ categories, AMARA’s challenge was how to ensure that the search, navigation, and product discovery user experience is always informative, efficient, and relevant across every shopper journey.



Attraqt’s platform was deployed to boost conversion rates from search, personalization and merchandising functionality. This provided the opportunity for automated systems to strategically display rich product category pages that respond to customer search and navigation - based on contextual behavior. These rules can be replicated and adapted across multiple global sites, so that local search and navigation fit cultural nuances or local strategies. This has given the merchandising and trading teams the ability to automate what was previously a heavily manual process. An additional overlay of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been added to the core functionality. This is so the team can automate the ability to segment and build groups based on specific shopper behavior patterns, enabling them to define and present the most relevant content and products to a particular type of shopper.

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