Headless Commerce

Grow your digital business without limits



Seamlessly integrate with any system

Our open architecture makes it easy to connect with any existing environment, to reach new customers faster

Build on a set of powerful APIs to bring your own data, your own algorithms and models. Connect our own analytics platform or get access to data in real-time


Scale and Deploy

Scale automatically and serve millions of product catalogs. Launch campaigns like limited-time flash sales or product drops at speed


Open new retail channels

Use best-in-class tools to remove the constraints and complexity in legacy platforms and quickly discover value in new retail channels


Create a micro-service based environment

Decouple each task from the ecommerce platform to create a seamless user experience. Separate the presentation layer of the front-end and the application layer of the back-end e.g  catalog management, payment, personalization, CRM, PIM. 

Focus on independent high value features and deploy them quickly without impacting other applications.  Enable continuous improvement and get instant access to any new functionality

Designed for Developers


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